While You Were Sleeping

In the early hours of the morning, green pine trees have orange tops when the sun first hits them. Echoes are muted by fresh snow that glows pink as the sun rises. In the evening, a father and his daughter skip flat rocks into the sea at the suns last light, neon signs are ablaze with few people to witness them. All this and more went on, while you were sleeping.

These images were all taken from dusk till dawn, to capture moments that people typically sleep through. Because although a person may sleep early or sleep late, the world does not sleep with them.

As a person who hates midday, my favorite time of day is as early as sunrise or near and beyond sunset. However, I found myself rarely experiencing these precious hours of the day due to having a hard time staying up late and an even worse time waking up early enough to witness them.

Being up at these hours, seeing the scarcity on the streets, and hearing the scream of silence all around led me to realize that I was not the only one missing out on these scenes. Most of the world is asleep while some of the earths most remarkable moments are taking place. These photos are taken to encourage sleep lovers to consider their rest being done on Sundays, or when they’re dead, and to wake up and stay up while they still can.